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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to migrate to Australia but not sure where to start?2020-07-07T04:27:55+10:00

Migrating to another country is a big step and requires a lot of planning. You should first consult an experienced Registered Migration Agent or Lawyer who is able to assess your eligibility discuss with you your migration needs. From the consultation, you will be able to identify the costs, timeframe, and requirements. Often from your discussions with the Registered Migration Agent or Lawyer, you will also be able get hints regarding employment options, living costs, housing, and education.

I am planning to migrate to Australia. But when is the best timing to do so?2020-07-07T04:29:51+10:00

While there is no specific time period that guarantees a smoother process to migration, there are a few key things to consider. Ever-changing immigration policies and regulations are inevitable and certainly tougher to meet every year. Every fiscal year the Australian Government will also identify the number of allocations for each visa stream. It is essential for you to act now as your chances to migrate will get slimmer as time goes. Depending on the purpose of your migration, it is certainly helpful for you to speak with an experienced Migration Lawyer in order to evaluate on the most suitable migration pathway and ensure the information your receive is up to date.

What is the difference between a migration agent and migration lawyer?2020-07-07T04:30:34+10:00

Australian Migration Law is a complex area of law with more than 50 types of visas. The key difference between Migration Lawyer and a Migration Agent is the level of qualification and study undertaken. To be registered as a Registered Migration Agent (RMA), agents have to complete Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law and Practice. Whereas for Migration Lawyers, we are required to complete a law degree and hold current Legal practising certificate issued by the Legal Services Board. Therefore, migration lawyers are deemed to have a better understanding and command over the operation of Migration Act and Migration Regulation. Here at AIM Lawyers & Consultants, our lawyers are qualified and obliged to undertake continuing professional development in order to maintain our legal practicing certificate as well as offer our clients the most accurate legal advice.

Should I engage a migration agent or migration lawyer to assist with my visa application?2020-07-07T04:31:01+10:00

While it is not mandatory to engage a migration agent or lawyer to assist you with your visa application, it is recommended by the Department of Home Affairs considering the Migration Law is a complex area of law. By engaging a Registered Migration Lawyer, we will help prepare a well-presented visa application which may reduce the risk of visa refusal.

How much does it cost to engage a migration agent or migration lawyer?2020-07-07T04:31:44+10:00

The professional fee to engage a migration lawyer will vary depending on which visa you are applying for as well as your individual circumstances. Often you will find that the professional fees to engage a registered migration agent are similar to a registered migration lawyer. Here at AIM Lawyers & Consultants, we will provide you with a detailed quote of the legal fees and payment terms at the beginning of the engagement. Our fees are fixed and there are no hidden fees.

How much does it cost to lodge a visa application?2020-07-07T04:32:25+10:00

The cost to lodge a visa application vary depending on the specific visa subclass and duration of the visa validity. The cost of visa application will also vary from time to time. To get the current visa application fees, please visit the Department of Home Affairs’ website or speak to our lawyers to get the current visa pricing quote. You can see the current pricing table here.

How long does it take for the visa application to process?2020-07-07T04:33:01+10:00

Visa processing times will vary according to different visa subclasses. The Department of Home Affairs’ website gives you an indicative timeframe for processing visa applications and will update monthly. View the global visa processing times here.

What do I need to prepare for my visa application?2020-07-07T04:33:29+10:00

Each visa subclass will have different requirements for the applicants to meet, which means that the types of documents required from the applicant will be different. We suggest that you speak to a Registered Migration Lawyer today and we will be able to provide you with a detailed document checklist of the things you need to prepare for your visa application.

My visa application is refused. What should I do next?2020-07-07T04:34:59+10:00

The Department of Home Affairs suggests that you must continue to remain lawful in Australia by checking your permitted stay period, visa expiry date and visa conditions to know the requirements and time to apply for a new visa. At AIM Lawyers & Consultants, we offer free service to check your current visa status, expiry, and conditions. When you apply for a new visa in Australia, you will be granted a bridging visa that will keep you lawful in Australia until a decision is made on your visa application.

If your current visa has expired, you must apply for a Bridging visa E (BVE) within 28 days of expiry in order to become lawful. A BVE is a short-term visa that allows you to stay in Australia while you make travel arrangements, finalise immigration matter or wait for an immigration decision. See more here.

My visa is cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs. What should I do next?2020-07-07T04:35:58+10:00

Visa refusal or cancellation can be a stressful and disheartening affair for you. Here at AIM Lawyers & Consultants, we have helped countless of clients overturning their initial visa decision through AAT review applications. If the refusal decision can be reviewed, the application for merits review of the decision must be given to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal within 7 days. Regardless of whether you wish to seek for a merits review, you should also be aware of your immigration status to remain legally in Australia. We suggest that you should act promptly by speaking to a Registered Migration Lawyer to ensure your act within the strict time limits.

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Contact us today for a commitment free briefing with our Registered Migration Agent in Melbourne to find more about your visa options.

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