Navigating Student Visa Subclass 500 & Dependent Visa in Australia with AIM Lawyers

Australia has come a long way in a short time in terms of nurturing world-class talent, and a major credit for this achievement goes to the Australian authorities that have created a multitude of visa options for people abroad.

Being a launchpad for successful talent, Australia continues to offer amazing opportunities through its education and academic infrastructure, opening it to the world and inviting promising talent across the globe. We at AIM Lawyers understand what this opportunity means for applicants, and help them get closer to their dreams by walking them through the student visa subclass 500 application process and working to improve their chances of success.

Australia has endless options when it comes to pursuing education in the country, ranging from world-class schools to universities. There is no end to the courses offered across these state of art universities that help you plan out your future career path and help you become successful individuals.

Student Visa Subclass 500

The two major visas relevant to such cases are as follows:

Student visa Subclass 500

This is a student visa offering for international students willing to pursue studies here. This visa allows students to enrol in an eligible course, with a provision to work for up to 40 hours every 2 weeks once the course begins.

Eligibility and important points to note for student visa subclass 500:

  • Provision to include your spouse or partner and their dependent children.
  • Only 6 years or elder aged children are eligible.
  • Evidence of English language is required.
  • Meeting health and character requirements is a must.
  • Applicants should have enough money to cover their stay expenses.
  • Applicants and their family members must be covered by Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Proof of admission to an Australian educational institute is a must. Once any overseas student gets admission, they are provided with a letter of enrollment by the institute itself.
Student Dependent Visa Australia
Student Visa Subclass 500

Student Dependant Visa

This visa option is suitable for applicants wherein international or overseas students in Australia need to bring their family over to stay with them while they continue to study. If any dependent family member wants to join you, you can apply for a student dependent visa in Australia.

Eligibility and important points to note:

  • Forms 919 and 157A.
  • A letter from one of their teachers.
  • Evidence that you can support the dependents financially.
  • Proof of dependents being family.
  • Evidence of dependents’ health insurance.

These are the two main options when it comes to possibilities for international students to come and study in Australia. AIM Lawyers has the expertise to help you understand the visa and the end-to-end application process.

We have teams of professional visa experts and visa consultant melbourne with years of experience in this field. Our teams can help students apply for the student visa subclass 500 and student dependent visa in Australia and guide them through the entire application procedure for the highest possible chances of success. If you are looking to apply for a student visa, or employer sponsored visa 482 reach out to us with the requisite details today!

Student Visa Subclass 500

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