Have you ever wanted to get out of your home country and have the experience of working, travelling, and socialising in Australia? A working holiday visa may be your ticket to having these great experiences, but is it right for you? Below are five great reasons to consider applying for a working holiday visa in Australia.

  • Travel, Work, and/or Study – It’s Up to You

One of the biggest reasons why people from eligible countries apply for a working holiday visa is for its exceptional flexibility. Do you want to sit back on the beach, take up surfing, or go see the koalas? This visa lets you do that. Want to work a part-time job to make a little income and gain some valuable work experience? You can do that too.

Working holiday visa holders can also study and freely travel to/from Australia, so there’s really no better choice for youth that want unrestricted choice in what they do during their time abroad.

  • It Can Be Renewed

While the first working holiday visa allows holders to remain in Australia for up to 12 months, those that wish to remain a little longer may be able to renew their visa by applying for the Working Holiday Maker program.

Holders of a valid working holiday visa can apply for a second or third renewal to remain even longer in Australia, provided that they undertake specified work. Generally, this means working in agriculture and/or in remote areas (so not Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney, for example), but applicants should consult the list provided in the link above.

  • It’s a Life-Changing Experience

Applicants from all over the world come to Australia for various reasons. Many Germans, for example, come after completing their secondary school (Abitur) and before commencing university studies. They come to work, travel, improve their English, and to open up their boundaries. No matter where you come from, you too can enjoy these experiences and create unforgettable life memories.

  • Get Quick Results, Plan Your Holiday Right Away

According to the Department of Home Affairs, 50% of applicants for the first working holiday visa in Australia get a result in as little as a day. 75% of applications are processed in 8 days or less and the 90% are processed in 44 days or less.

Compared to many other forms of visa for Australia, such as sponsorship, investment visas, business innovation visa the working holiday visa has amongst the fastest turnaround times. This can help you feel more at ease since you’ll be able to plan your working holiday sooner and with the assurance that when you do book your flight, you’ll be able to enter the country and pursue your dreams.

  • It’s Easy to Apply For

Passport holders of 19 countries can apply for a working holiday visa in Australia. The application is rather straightforward if you meet the eligibility criteria and are of the right age (under 30 in most cases, 35 for some countries).

Still, if you’ve got your heart set on doing a working holiday in Australia, it’s important that you mind your p’s and q’s and submit everything on-time and without errors or omissions that could delay your application, or at worst, get it rejected. For this reason, consider requesting the assistance of a reputable team that specialises in visas and immigration such as AIM Lawyers. 

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