Migrating to Australia for business purposes can be highly beneficial for many reasons. The (generally) high standard of living, safety, employment opportunities, and earnings potential tend to attract talented individuals from all around the world. We’ve listed the top benefits of choosing a business visa in order to migrate to Australia and how to apply for your preferred visa below.

Business Visas at a Glance

Of all of the different visa categories, e.g. family reunification, study, working holidays, and business visas to Australia have the most to choose from (referred to individually as subclasses). This opens up many different possibilities depending on your business intentions, and it also stresses the importance of choosing the correct visa subclass for your specific needs.

If you intend on establishing your own business in Australia or becoming sponsored as an employee with an Australian employer, and whether you intend to come only as a seasonal migrant or if you intend to remain longer (or indefinitely), all of these considerations are crucial when applying for a visa. We strongly recommend you always choose a reputable migration agency such as AIM Lawyers to ensure that your migration application is facilitated professionally and submitted without errors or omissions.

Strong Business Environment & Labour Market

For business migration, Australia is one of the most desirable countries for a myriad of reasons. Depending on where you are coming from, Australia may be far more preferable for business endeavours, either as an employee or as a business owner.

Generally, Australia’s business environment is prosperous, boasting transparent regulations, high consistent global rankings in ease of doing business, strong protections for intellectual property, and a sense of peace and order.

For employees, Australia offers high minimum wage and competitive salaries, strong worker rights protections, pension funding through superannuation, and many other great incentives. The labour market tends to be competitive and there is a strong demand for many professionals in various sectors and industries.

Quality of Life & Safety

Australia consistently ranks amongst the highest in the world for countries offering high living standards. Some of the social amenities available to residents and migrants include access to high-quality healthcare, public safety, and world-class education.

Moreover, working in Australia can greatly facilitate your ability to network and collaborate with innovative individuals as well as attend business events, seminars, expos, and trade shows, many of which are tailored towards immigrants seeking to establish themselves in Australia.

Taxation Benefits & A Welcoming Environment

While Australia’s taxation regime may not be as competitive as many other locations, migrants and residents do have access to numerous tax incentives, particularly for businesses and investment opportunities that meet certain criteria. Furthermore, Australia’s corporate tax rates are competitive with many other jurisdictions around the world, making it a reasonably good place to establish a corporation.

As a nation attracting migrants from all over the world, Australia also tends to be a welcoming country with a high degree of tolerance for individuals from various ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and genders. This is especially the case in some of the country’s largest metropolitan areas such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, although there are many incentives now for migrants to choose less urbanised destinations through initiatives such as the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) and regional migration visas.

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