Moving to a new country, whether temporarily or permanently, can be an exciting experience filled with new possibilities and opportunities. At the same time, there may also be many challenges when immigrating to a country like Australia, some of which may seem daunting whilst others can be overcome or prevented.

Below are five of the top challenges that many immigrants are faced with when moving to Australia and how to deal with them:

  • Language Barrier

In order to migrate to Australia for study or work purposes, applicants must almost always meet or exceed the English language requirements. Some visa holders can migrate without demonstrating knowledge of the English language, but even if this is the case it is still essential to have a functional grasp of English whilst here. Qualified immigration lawyers can assist you with determining the language requirements for your desired visa.

If your English is sufficient to migrate to Australia, however, you may still find it challenging at first to participate in society as you may lack fluency or feel out of place. Learning a new language can be a challenge, but it is one that can be overcome by continuously striving to improve by speaking, listening, reading and writing.

  • Finding Employment

Many visa applicants must obtain sponsorship from an employer before coming to Australia, but there are many different visas that permit the visa holder to seek their own employment once here. Finding a new job in a new country can be quite a challenge, but this particular challenge should not deter you from trying.

Generally, employment opportunities in Australia are abundant and there is a high demand for labour of all sorts, including unskilled labour. If you are having difficulties finding employment, consider visiting a recruitment agency or spend time looking for jobs online. Even better, try to network with individuals in your community and ask if they know anyone who is hiring.

  • Cultural Differences

Depending on your country of origin, integrating with the culture(s) in Australia can be a challenge. If you’re immigrating from New Zealand, for example, you may not find it challenging at all. If you’re coming from Indonesia or Thailand, for example, you may find certain cultural norms to be quite different to where you came from.

One big advantage of living in Australia and especially the urban centres is that there are many different cultures and communities living there, perhaps including communities you are familiar with that make you feel a little more at home. Try to join community events and meet other people outside of working hours and you may feel more included and welcomed.

  • Distance to Home & Loved Ones

It could be a huge advantage or a major inconvenience to live in Australia, a country so far away from just about anywhere else. The time difference can make late night calls to family and friends very challenging and the massive distance might make you feel isolated, lonely, or homesick.

One way to overcome the feeling of being homesick is to try to keep yourself busy with community events. Pick up a hobby like jogging or going to the park, lifting weights, reading books, and so on as these might take your mind off of it. Socialising and making new friends can also help you to overcome loneliness. People in Australia tend to be quite friendly, so don’t be shy and try to engage in some banter.

  • Access to Government Services

Newcomers in Australia may be able to access many different services, many of which they may need and might not even know about. Some visa holders can use the public healthcare (Medicare), for example.

Ask a professional migration lawyer in Australia about your eligibility for public government services and how to apply for the best visa for your circumstances.

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